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    Essbase Data Load Error - 1090010

      Hi All,

      When I am trying to load a data file through automated process, the job abended and getting the error as

      ERROR - 1090010 - Error in File [oracle/data/KSK/tyopr.dat] Which is a [Unable To Determine] Spreadsheet.
      ERROR - 1241101 - Unexpected Essbase error 1090010.

      I checked thoroughly that
      1) there are no gaps in between the file path & name
      2) the file is not open
      3) the import statement is correct

      still I am facing problem to load.

      The same file loaded earlier (Which has some data in it earlier), but after the year end rollover process the same data file is not loading (which has no data in it now, i.e, file size shows 0 bytes).

      I have similar kind of files to be loaded after the rollover process. The files which have data in them are loading perfectly, but the files which have 0 data size are not loading.

      Is there anything to do with the data file size. Do I need to do any changes to the file.

      Pls suggest me how to overcome this problem.

      Thanks in Advance.