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    AutoVue ActiveX Error in Visual Studio Failed to Create component 'Ax Host'

      Am running XP 32 bit. Installed AutoVue Desk Top Deployment 20.2.1. I have created simple Windows form in C# .NET using Visual Studio 2008, platform target x86 and added AutoVue ActiveX to VS Tool Box (C:\Oracle\AutoVue Desktop Deployment\Bin\JVueAx.ocx). When ever I drag AutoVue Control from Tool Box onto form I get error message - Failed to Create component 'Ax Host'... A Wrapper assembly is not registered for this assembly. After OK on error message - AutoVue control is not on the form, and two Interops are listed in project references - AxInterop.JVueAXLib.dll and Interop.JVueAXLib.dll. I have registered the ocx w/Regsvr32 and message is that it succeeded, and I can find what looks to be a valid registration entry for JVueAx.ocx in the registry.

      Any ideas on why this is happening and how to fix (?) - Thanks in Advance...

      (BTW - If I install AutoVue Desk Top Deployment 20.2.1 on Windows 7 64 bit, everything works fine - even in VS 2010).