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    solaris software installation error - /dev/fd

    Stefan Abraham
      Dear All,

      version - solaris 10

      We are trying to install a product which uses a scripts to perform the installation.
      When we run the script (as root), it will fail saying can not access/dev/fd/<filename>

      here the <filename> contains different files of the installation media which is on the disk.

      cp: cannot access /dev/fd/README
      /dev/fd/4: /dev/fd/_ovrly: not found
      The installation terminated abnormally.

      below are the /dev/fd details,

      root@host # grep /dev/fd /etc/vfstab
      fd - /dev/fd fd - no -

      root@host # mount | grep /dev/fd
      /dev/fd on fd read/write/setuid/devices/dev=54c0001 on Fri Mar 1 09:01:45 2013

      Any clarification on this issue will be very helpful.

      Thanks in Advance

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          the /dev/fd is a FDFS (File Descriptor File System) and it is maintained by the Solaris OS kernel. It is a pseudo-file system and it is not disk-based. It should not be used as directory to store files during software installation. Check your software installation procedure.

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            Stefan Abraham
            Hi Rei,

            Thank you.
            But we are not providing any path in the installation.
            It automatically tries to copy files to /dev/fd.

            This is happening in one server only. We have installed the same product on many other solaris 10 boxes without any issue.

            Actually i do not understand the how FDFS work. But is i think during a installation the process can use /dev/fd open required files.
            Are there any conditions that should be completed to do that?
            like parameter setting, permission etc..

            Thanks in advance

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              Hi Stefan,

              The /dev/fd file system DOES NOT require user intervention. It is maintained by the Solaris Kernel. It basically contains numbers that act as pointers to access files.

              Can you check if there is any issue with the disk space? The README file of the Software Package might have any useful info.

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                You migh also want to try running the script under "truss":
                truss -f -a -vall -e -o/path/to/output/file script command here
                Then look in your output file and see what file(s) the script is actually trying to access. Pay particular attention to the traced "open()" and "execve()" calls.

                FWIW, it sounds like a borked script.