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    Oracle VM Manager Repo setup using iSCSI(NetApp)(HELP PLS!)

      I am attempting to setup Oracle VM Manager in hopes of using it to setup Oracle Rac Templates. I have the install setup fine, and I am able to see my storage LUN presented from my NetApp Storage. But I am unable to create a Repository using this storage. I have created a filesystem on /dev/dm-0 and mounted it on /u01. I am not sure if this is the proper method or not. The disk device that was created when I connected to the iSCSI was /dev/sdb but I was unable to mount that for some reason. but I was able to mount /dev/dm-0.

      I am able to see the LUN under the Storage Tab in Oracle VM Manager but I am unable to see this LUN when I try to create a repository. My LUN is listed as "shareable".
      When I attempt to create a Repository, I choose "Physical Disk", the 1 and only server pool that i have creted populates the "Server Pool" field, but when I choose to browse to the available disks, its all blank and a search yields nothing. I am almost convinced that I am missing something on the local server side. Can someone please help me.