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    Can I make a VNIC over an IPMP group?


      I’m setting up HA cluster and I’d like to have exclusive IP zones using VNICs.
      I have an IPMP group (named sc_ipmp0) setup over the second and fourth interface.

      VNIC creation fails with:
      {noformat}root@node1~> dladm create-vnic -l sc_ipmp0 vnic0{noformat}
      {noformat}dladm: invalid lower link name 'sc_ipmp0' {noformat}

      While trying to google a solution, I ran in to a few configurations where for instance NET1 and NET3 are both individually VNICed. Then these are passed to the zone and the IPMP group is formed in the zone.
      This seems unnecessarily complicated for the task.

      If I have to go this route, are there any possible complications to having 5 IPMP groups using the same interfaces?
      In my test configuration the VNICs remain usable even if the global IPMP marks the physical interface as standby/nonactive.