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    dataguard installation

      Hello Guys, this is more of a general questions rather than a technical question. Suppose there are 100 databases in a compnay and we are suppose to configure dataguard for all those 100 databases. How is that dataguard configuration done on all those 100 databases. Is it the same as configuring dataguard for a single database, except with these 100 databases we have to repeat the steps 100 times?

      I ask this question because I started my job 3 months ago and my company uses sunguard for data replication and not dataguard, goldengate or shareplex. The replication with sunguard is done at an OS level rather than a database level. What ever information is present on the disk all of it replicated by hitachi software to sunguard servers, atleast that is what my understanding is regarding the sunguard replication.

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          Yes, with 100 Primary Databases (regardless whether they all run on the same one server even), you need to implement 100 times a Data Guard Configuration in order to get a Standby Database for each Primary.

          It can be scripted, of course :-)

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            Yes you are right. You will need to do in all instances. Why do you want to move to dataguard options?
            If your company had already inversted in one technology and if it is working fine, why do you want to go to other? I am just being curious.
            If your databases are on different machine , you will need to buy lot of oracle licenses and oracke isn't cheap. If your databases are small and you are doing active/passive replication, just stick to the current solution. That's just my suggestion.
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              Oh no, we are not moving to other replication technologies. I was asking this question just for my knowledge sake. So if we have to implement dataguard 100 times, then would oracle price us 100 times for each dataguard we configure?
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                Normally you get a big discount for DR sites,specially when you are buying in such large scale.

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