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    Essbase Error (1020034): Binary spreadsheet table token error


      Is anyone getting this error? Essbase Error (1020034): Binary spreadsheet table token error

      Environment Details:
      -SmartView (32-bit OS)
      -Microsoft Office 2010
      -Windows 7 (I have confirmed that this is an issue on other OS as well)

      How I get the error:
      -Drill to to level 0 w/ suppress missing off
      -Turn on suppress missing
      -Refresh spreadsheet

      Interestingly enough, I can work around this error in the following way:
      -Click on the 'Select' button in the 'Document Contents' section of the SmartView Panel (new w/ this version I believe). This will highlight rows BEYOND the last row in the data (which I think is where the problem lies)
      -Delete the rows that are blank (in other words, those that are in the highlighted region and beyond my last row of data)
      -Refresh the SmartView pull

      The workaround does the trick however it is EXTREMELY inconvenient. Any help would be much appreciated.