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    Netbeans and the The Java EE 6 Tutorials

      Hi Folks,

      I posted this in another forum, no reply yet so am asking here as well. I downloaded Netbeans and Glassfish as per the instructions from this page: http://docs.oracle.com/javaee/6/tutorial/doc/gexaj.html
      My questions is, how do I open up the tutorials from Netbeans? I am not able to able to find this location: tut-install/examples/web/hello/

      Hope someone can advise. Thanks.

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          From the tutorial

          Java EE 6 Tutorial Component

          The tutorial example source is contained in the tutorial component. To obtain the tutorial component, use the Update Tool.
          To Obtain the Tutorial Component Using the Update Tool

          Start the Update Tool by doing one of the following:
          From the command line, type the command updatetool.
          On a Windows system, from the Start menu, select All Programs, then select Java EE 6 SDK, then select Start Update Tool.
          Expand the Java EE 6 SDK node.
          Select the Available Updates node.
          From the list, select the Java EE 6 Tutorial check box.
          Click Install.
          Accept the license agreement.

          Did you do this?