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    Breakpoints not caught during debugging in BEA Workshop 8.1 (Win7 Pro OS)

      Hi all,

      As of the moment, we're slowly making our migration from our existing WebLogic 8.1 Platform to the newer WebLogic 12c. Some people in my team are starting to use Windows 7 Professional for the WL8.1 (which includes the application server and the developer IDE, "Workshop").

      Been using and debugging myself on my own Windows 7 Home Edition laptop. Haven't been encountering problems, but lately, those of us using Windows 7 Pro are not able to catch breakpoints during debugging. I tried it on a separate machine running Win 7 Pro as well with my same domain settings and all, and I confirm that the breakpoints aren't caught. How is this so? If I recall, the latest service pack for WL8.1 is SP6; are there any other patches that we need to install to resolve this?

      I'm looking at the possibility of having to use Win7's "XP mode" if there are no options. But it'd be better if we can avoid that altogether... Thanks!