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    root pwd reset -  error. unexpectedly disconnected from boot status daemon

      Hi All,

      I forget my root pwd in RHEL 6 Linux.
      I have installed Virtual box in my laptop and installed RHEL 6.

      While trying to login with single user mode it shows this error "error. unexpectedly disconnected from boot status daemon".
      Step i followed to restet my root pwd.
      1. GNU Grab window
      2. pressed ' a ' and entered single to login in single mode user
      <hkernal =auto rhgb quiet
      i tried with,

      <hkernal =auto rhgb quiet 1
      <hkernal =auto rhgb quiet single

      3. some it shows "error. unexpectedly disconnected from boot status daemon"
      4. if you tried few more time shows below

      Telling INIT to go to single user mode

      init: rc main process (742) killed by TERM signal
      [root@ram /] # passwd
      [root@ram /]

      5. i entered passwd root cmd also nothing happened to reset the pwd.
      [root@ram /] # passwd root
      [root@ram /]

      6. tried with su -l
      [root@ram /] # su -l
      [root@ram ~] passwd
      [root@ram ~]

      help me to reset root pwd

      Thanks in Advance !

      Ramprakash Arun.

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