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    Cleanup Task of Multiple SOA Homes

      I have been tasked with cleaning up the SOA 11g Homes. How do I know which one is being used and the ones not being used? When I click on the start menu and go to programs there are multiples listed.

      Oracle SOA 11g - Home1
      Oracle SOA 11g - Home2
      Oracle SOA 11g - Home3
      Oracle SOA 11g - Home4
      Oracle SOA 11g - Home5
      Oracle SOA 11g - Home6
      Oracle SOA 11g - Home7
      Oracle SOA 11g - Home8

      there are also multiple Common Home and Weblogic (Beahome 1) etc.

      Did not set this up so I have no idea what is really needed so would like some help/tips/soltions on getting rid of these if they are not needed. any help is appreciated!

      thanks in advance!
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          That's not an easy job, and your installation seems to be pretty messy at the moment...

          Is this a server? How the weblogic is started? You have to figure out the weblogic domains and servers are running or need to be running...

          Once you figured that out delete the domains that aren't being used...

          Then verify what installation(s) the remainder domains are pointing to and delete the installations that aren't being used...

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            Yes, this is a server. I am a total newbie at this. Do you mind listing the steps and commands I would need to do to verify? Thanks in advance!
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              Nevermind, after installing all the new SOA suites. I have figured out how to know which one is being used and not being used. If you use ProcessExplorer it will show you where the Java are being used and that should point to the current running SOA env that cant be touched. so pretty much anything else that is not being runned can be removed by simply going to the Start Menu and go to the appropriate non used oracle common home/oracle service bus/oracle etc and click uninstall.


              alot simpler than I had made it to be.


              hope this helps others who need to cleanup their environment with multple unused oracle apps.