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    ORA-19625: error identifying file

    Dan A
      Our rman hot backup failed with the following error:
      ORA-19625: error identifying file /archivelogs/prod/log_1_35904_612704202.dbf
      ORA-27037: unable to obtain file status
      Linux Error: 2: No such file or directory

      This particular archive log has been deleted. So have the remaining 6 logs until the next log (36000)and then the rest are available up until the present time. These missing logs are now over 48 hours old.

      There was a successful backup two days ago that did indeed back up this log, but it states, in the rman log:
      RMAN-08137: WARNING: archive log not deleted as it is still needed
      archive log filename=/archivelogs/prod/log_1_35904_612704202.dbf thread=1 sequen

      I understand that it wasnt deleted in the rman backup since it thinks our standby database needs it. The standby is not fucntioning right now and we are manually shipping logs to it. Unfortunately the standby is also missing these logs.

      The problem is that now the archivelogs are hitting 100% capacity in their directory since rman is not deleting them as its backup is failing. Is there some thing we can do so that rman only backs up from the time of our last good archive log? If it keeps searching for these half a dozen missing logs I am afraid the db will hang.

      Are we fried or do we have an alternative route to take?

      What confuses me is that there was a successful backup on the 28th. Now, on the 30th, rman seems to be asking for archive logs from the morning of the 27th. Why is it asking for logs that were already backed up?


      10g / Linux.

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          Seems you have gaps in standby, see following link for resolving gaps

          Gaps Resolution

          Managing physical standby

          There is another way to resolve by taking back from current SCN in standby database and applying to standby.

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            I have also faced same problem.
            Archive was backed up & deleted from the archive location, but while doing backup testing on new server database was asking for last archivelog though it was backed up during backup.
            Is there is any solution to this.

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              Hi Abhay K ,

              What is your method of deleting your previous archivelogs? Is it OS command?
              If OS command, your controlfile might not be updated so it treats that those archivelogs are still available in your disk. You should update your controlfile when deleting archivelogs using OS command.

              RMAN> crosscheck archivelog all; // validate all archvelogs in your disk. If some are missing, it will treat it as expired.
              RMAN> delete expired archivelog all; // it ill delete expired archivelog and updates your controlfile.

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                Vijayaraghavan Krishnan

                Check the V$BACKUP view on both the sites, there will be difference in the backup

                Vijayaraghavan K
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                  We are not deleting the archive logs manually, below is the script that we are using.

                  allocate channel c1 type disk;
                  allocate channel c2 type disk;
                  allocate channel c3 type disk;
                  allocate channel c4 type disk;
                  sql 'alter system switch logfile';
                  backup as compressed backupset incremental level 0
                  tag full_compress_level_0
                  format 'E:\script\compress\bak1\rman_%U_orcl.bak'
                  backup as compressed backupset archivelog all format 'E:\script\compress\bak1\arch_%U.bak' delete input;

                  but while restoring the database on different host system was asking the archive log wchich was backed up during backup.

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                    Pavan Kumar

                    Can you cross check once again your backups.

                    - Pavan Kumar N
                    Oracle 9i/10g - OCP
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                      "restoring the database on 'different host system' "?

                      Does that host system have exisiting database and archivelogs and you are just updating it with new database by restoring the backup from your production?

                      is the destination of archivelogs and datafiles from your source to your 'different host system' the same?

                      jay A
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                        Since no extra system was avaliable we decided to perform the testing on one of the standby database system we have. standby system is having same mount points as the prod system.

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                          Is autobackup of controlfile in RMAN enabled? You sure you restore it first before restoring the backup of database?
                          I already experienced this kind of problem. In standby database, there are exisiting archivelogs that are being cataloged
                          when I restore my backup of controlfile and mounting the database. What I did is delete this archivelogs in the standby server
                          and perform restore and recover of the database.

                          jay A
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                            Hi Jay,

                            I will check, I think I have not configured the control file auto backup, I will check & enable it.
                            Also i will try restore & recovery by deleting all the archives from standby.

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                              is this solved?
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                                yeah, is this resolved? I have such a similar problem too :(
                                although my standby is now the active one (i switched them), and my primary is also active but not used as prod,
                                and I just leave it for testing. but why is my RMAN failed when I backup this old primary?
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                                  864312 wrote:
                                  is this solved?
                                  given that the thread was opened FOUR YEARS ago, and last resuscitated THREE YEARS ago .....