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    Null values in coherence -3.7.1


      I have a rather naive question about the EqualsFilter usage.
      Let's say I have an table with 3 columns: EmployeeId (key), EmployeeName and EmployeeAddress where some of the address column values are empty.
      A SQL query to get the employee names that have null addresses would look like this:
      "select * from Employee where EmployeeAddress is NULL".

      If I try to model this in Coherence , I would have EmployeeId as the key and an Employee object as the value.
      I am loading the table from Oracle11g into Coherence.
      How can I use an EqualsFilter to give me the same results as the SQL query above ?
      Should it just be EqualsFilter as : employeeCache.entrySet( new EqualsFilter(AddressExtractor,null) );

      I am trying to do the remote invocation of the filters.