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    Unable to edit page

      This is in JSK... Have created a page (simple) - "Home" in Admin UI with a Page Definition.

      When I try to view the page in Contributor UI (target is to view and then edit), WCS is throwing an exception - It looks like the issue is due to something wrong in metadata but not sure about exact reason.
      "An exception occurred on the server while executing UI/Data/Asset/AssetMetadata: NullPointerException:"

      Last part of the exception stack trace is below...
      Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException
           at com.fatwire.assetapi.data.AssetDataImpl.getAttributeData(AssetDataImpl.java:386)
           at com.fatwire.services.util.AssetUtil.getAttribute(AssetUtil.java:262)
           at com.fatwire.services.util.AssetUtil.getAttribute(AssetUtil.java:282)
           at org.apache.jsp.jsp.cs_005fdeployed.UI.Data.Asset.AssetMetadataAction_jsp$1.transform(AssetMetadataAction_jsp.java:121)
           at org.apache.jsp.jsp.cs_005fdeployed.UI.Data.Asset.AssetMetadataAction_jsp$1.transform(AssetMetadataAction_jsp.java:1)
           at com.fatwire.ui.util.GenericUtil.transformList(GenericUtil.java:202)
           at com.fatwire.ui.util.GenericUtil.transformList(GenericUtil.java:214)
           at org.apache.jsp.jsp.cs_005fdeployed.UI.Data.Asset.AssetMetadataAction_jsp._jspService(AssetMetadataAction_jsp.java:115)
           ... 71 more

      Have you faced this exception? Kindly post your response here to help. Thanks.