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    How to define a variable length PDS  that takes up more then 10 characters

      Hi all.

      I'm using forms / reports 11g Rel2.

      I have created a text - PDS report with this info:

      Definition added to textdps.conf file:

      <!-- Definicion de Archivo Texto PDS -->
      <fileFormat name="poblacion" comment="#*" delimiter="," type="variable"*>
      <column name="Estado" type="string" />
      <column name="Poblacion" type="number" />
      <column name="Porcentaje" type="number" />

      sample Data:

      Delta Amacuro,209427,0.42

      The reports works ok. However first fields is always truncate to 10 characters. I have defined this field as type string which obviously is, but i can't, or don't know how to change this. Have tried using the width on column definition, but it always picks 10 characters.

      Is this a limitation, or do i have to define this as as fixed-length character file?.

      Regards, Luis ...:)