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    Mapping data between BI and another Oracle module


      I am working on a project for a county government in Florida. We have a problem with the data from Project Accounting R12 matching up with the data in OBIEE 11g. This is more of a field labeling problem than a data integrity problem - for example, "Customer Number" in Project Accounting is clearly a different data set than "Customer Number" in BI. We know the same data exists in BI, but we don't know what's it's called and therefore how to query it for reporting purposes. Why the data labeling is so out of whack, I can't say, but I have been tasked with mapping "Customer Number" (and everything else) in Project Accounting to the corresponding field in BI. Supposedly this mapping does not already exist (which seems impossible to me since SOMEBODY set up the data flow between the two sides of the system at some point!). I am hoping that someone can recommend an approach that won't end up being cumbersome and manual. Thank you!

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          Veeresh Rayan


          Oracle Business Intelligence Applications ETL Data Lineage Guide Release and [ID 1274680.1]

          Check this..It gives you data lineage document..Mapping between source and stage and stage to target..

          It definitely helps you in the way what you are looking at.

          Mak helpfull if it helps..

          Veeresh Rayan
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            I could think of following approach.

            Identify list of useful data elements from Project Accounting and map it to BI Apps.

            You can use BI Apps DMR(Data Model Reference) guide to understand about BIApps physical data model as this guide has detailed description for each physical table and field. However, its always advisable to refer the actual data to make sure you mapped to the right data element in BI.

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              Thank you for your response! I am having a bit of trouble with the link. I found the document :-)

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                This is exactly what I needed! Thank you! Can you tell me how to designate your responses as helpful? I don't see an icon on my screen...

                One last question - do you know if there are any mapping differences between Project Analytics 10g and 11g, as we are transitioning to the latter.
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                  Veeresh Rayan
                  There will be an star on the right hand side..Not sure where usually it is..Helfpull or correct on each of the post.. :(

                  It is not 10g or 11g project analytics..It is measured as BI applications with or or

                  Data model changes as the EBS release changes(Like 11.5.10 to R12).There wont be not major difference in R12.0,R12.1.1,or R12.1.2 etc..

                  I would suggest install BI applications than using older versions and applying patches.

                  Please find mark buton and designate it..

                  Veeresh Rayan
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