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    Automating Archiver - dissapearing batch files & options for automating!


      I'm trying to set up an automated archive - I did the following:

      1. I've set up an archive collection which picks up all my content, and set it up as an automated export
      2. I've created a 2nd archive and set it as a target
      3. Went back to the 1st archive and set it up to transfer the batch files to the 2nd archive

      If I run the export manually (by disabling the automated archive temporarily), the export process for the 1st archive runs, and soon after the created batch files are moved to the 2nd archive - this is the expected behaviour.

      The problem is when I set it up for automated export & subsequent transfer. At first hand it looks like nothing is happening. On monitoring the folder for the 1st archive I notice that a folder is being created, deleted 10 seconds later, and a new one appear after a further 5s:

      Folder "09-jul-22_16.21.28_939_50" created ... deleted... and "09-jul-22_16.21.43_939_51" created ... and loop!

      I would expect that these files are being transferred to the 2nd archive - but this is not the case.

      Note that I don't want to replicate content on another ucm instance, i need to take a snapshot of the content automatically. Furthermore - rather than automating the archive to run on index/re-index/check-in can it be setup to run at a specific time ... like 2359 every day?

      Any help/insight on the matter would be appreciated.