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    OBIEE 11.1.1..6.9 Logical Column Derived from existing columns

      I've just installed the last version in my test environment and I already have a problem with the RPD.

      I've some logical column derived from existing columns using an expression. (so far, so good)
      With Adminsitration Tool (Last Version, when I launch the Consistency Check Manager I have the following error (I use the SampleAppLite RPD in order to reproduce the problem)

      SampleApp Lite :
      [nQSError: 46008] Internal error: File server\objectmodel\Src\SOSecureRpGateway.cpp, line 479.
      [nQSError: 23013] An error occurred when extracting the metadata definition for the Attribute '"SampleApp Lite"."D3 Orders (Facts Attributes)"."test"'.

      The logical column test on "D3 Orders (Facts Attributes)" :
      CASE WHEN "SampleApp Lite"."D3 Orders (Facts Attributes)"."Order Date" > "SampleApp Lite"."D0 Time"."Calendar Date" THEN 1 ELSE 0 END

      The problem appears only when I use multiple source table in column expression.
      Does anyone has the same problem ? I think it's easy to reproduce (I searched on OracleSupport but I didn't find anything yet)