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    Any Dynamic Views for (Exadata) Flash Cache Usage?


      Despite it being one of the major selling points of Exadata (especially from X3 onwards), I'm struggling to find much information on our usage of the Exadata Smart FlashCache (I'm running RDBMS BP7 on a V2 quarter-rack).

      I can verify usage of the FlashCache by checking whether the object has been 'pinned' to the FlashCache via DBA_SEGMENTS and I can check for FlashCache usage by querying gv$sysstat (and even v$mystat), but are there other views that I could use? It seems a bit strange for Oracle not to provide the DBA all that much insight into their usage of this feature...

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          Marc Fielding
          Hi Mark,

          My colleague Christo Kutrovsky put together a clever script to gather this info from storage servers and to access it as an external table: http://www.pythian.com/blog/whats-in-your-exadata-smart-flash-cache/


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            That's really cool! I did read that web page on my (slow) way to figuring out there wasn't a performance view in the database that would help.

            I do a similar sort of thing already but with different metrics: I convert the output of cellcli commands (disk errors, cell temps, alerthistory, etc) into SQL which I then run against some analytical/monitoring tables I have in a schema. There's a lot of good info in cellcli, but I guess there's no corresponding database dynamic view.

            Thanks for the tip (and thank you to your colleague for the link :))