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    Lots of parameter in Pfile for Oracle database on Exa

      Hi All,

      We have a quarter Rack EXadata machine with Oracle Database on it.

      When i checked the pfile for a particular database on that machine i found the parameters that usually are not present

      on a normal Server or server other then Exa machines.

      Can some one specify why is this..

      Are the parameters set in Exadata oracle database pfile has something to with performance???

      I m new to exa... machines.

      Your help will help me to learn exa... machines

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          An Exadata database is just like a standard Oracle database - but on steroids. And FlashCache. And SmartScans. And probably a lot more horsepower.

          There's more to get to grips with system-wide, of course (networking, sysadmin, storage), but there aren't all THAT many parameters which are specific to Exadata in the Server Parameter file (don't use pfile - that's SO 2001!) that aren't already in a 11gR2 RAC system.

          In fact, the only examples which come to mind are the cell_* parameters.
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            Hi Friend,

            Good Question.

            Points to remember :

            1. Exadata is still Oracle Only. Only thing is Storage Server will have OS, CPU, Memory and Flash Cards to achieve better performance. Through is it will gives you Query Offloading, Smart Scan, Storage Index, HCC and IORM features. In Traditional System we will not have OS, CPU, Memory and Flash Cards.

            2. Between Compute Node and Storage Server - 40 GBps Line. In Traditional 8 Gbps line

            Some of the New Parameters :

            1. cell_offload_compaction string ADAPTIVE
            2. cell_offload_decryption boolean TRUE
            3. cell_offload_parameters string
            4. cell_offload_plan_display string AUTO
            5. cell_offload_processing boolean TRUE

            3. Exadata will comes with built in - Oracle Enterprise Edition, ASM & Oracle RAC softwares

            4. In Storage, Storage software

            Hope it helps.