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    Oracle Ole Container

      ***Hi guys , can any one help me how to import power point presentation in ole container in oracle forms 6i , it works very well with word docs like that***

      **i have a when_button_pressed triger which contains :-**

      ***:Dummy.filename := GET_FILE_NAME(File_Filter=> 'Word Files (*.doc)|*.doc|');***
      ***forms_ole.initialize_container('Dummy.WordFile', :dummy.filename);***

      ***and my ole container item on the canvas has an ole class which is word.document***


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          What's with all these ***? Please don't use them, it makes your post very irritating to read.

          So, what is your problem exactly? If you can do it for Word, why not Powerpoint? Of course you have to modify GET_FILE_NAME to *.ppt, and change the OLE Class.

          IMHO it is a very bad idea to use Forms to save the files via an OLE container in the database. Once uploaded to the database via Forms, there is no other way to view the files again than via Forms. Just saving the BLOB to file doesn't work.
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            sorry for the *** and thanks for your interest but i am not gonna save it to the database i just want to view it for my users , for example :-

            - i have a table named book (book_id .......etc. ).
            - i want to make a powerpoint presentation that contains a book index (images) , so when the user write a specified book_id it shows the powerpoint related to that id .

            but this is not the problem , it's about what the ole class will be for the ppt , i tried powerpoint.application but it caused un handled exception so please can you help me on that problem ?

            Thanks ...!!