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    SGD 4.6 audit logging question

      When using audit logging and filters, how often is a new log file automatically created? I'm interested in preserving the audit data and need to know when the file gets recreated.

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          By default, the logs are archived once a week via a crontab entry (Sunday, 0300, by default) - this option is set at install time, can be changed by running tarantella setup, or you can alter the crontab entry directly.

          See " Automatic Log Archives" in the admin guide - http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E26362_01/E26354/html/sgd-installation.html#sgd-installation-full-restore and

          http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E26362_01/E26354/html/tta-archive.html for a description of the archive command.

          The archive command closes out the current log files, and compresses/summarizes them, and stores them in a numbered sub-directory under the "logs" directory, and opens news ones. Once closed out, you can no longer "query" the logfiles from the command line. Note that there are a limited number of archives maintained - 7 sets, I believe, is the default.

          Have a look at the "archive" command under .../bin/scripts to see how it works.