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    OVM 3 - Array comes up as Managed and Unmanaged

      We have a Hitachi HUS 150 array that is fibre channel connected a couple of servers that I’m testing Oracle Virtualization 3.2.2 for possible production deployment in the future.

      I’ve installed and setup the Hitachi plugin and the HUS150 is showing up on the Storage tab under SAN Servers. It’s showing all its physical disks (LUNs) and I expect this is properly setup.
      On the same tab under SAN Servers - Unmanaged FibreChannel Storage Array – FibreChannel Volume Group it’s showing 2 disks that I presented from the HUS150 to the two OVS 3.2.2 servers.

      Is this expected for anything to show up as unmanaged with a properly setup storage plugin?

      Also when I go to create a server pool with the two servers, the only SAN Server selection is from the Unmanaged FibreChannel Storage Array and the above mentioned 2 disks. The managed storage array HUS150 does not show up at all as a possible selection.

      Is this expected as well?