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    How would I create kernel devel package for OVM3.2.1 ?

      I am new to OVM SDK ..Please help me to understand how to create kernel devel package for OVM3.2.1 ?

      I tried below command "rpmbuild --rebuild kernel-uek...src.rpm" on my OEL5.9 machine. It throw few errors w.r.t KaBI checks fails.

      Is there hard rule to run above command only on OVM 3.2.1 SDK template ? I am going to try that now, but it will be good to know limitation/assumption on OVM 3.2.1.

      Is there any simplest method to get kernel devels/headers for OVM3.2.1 ?
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          J.B. Broccard-Oracle
          I did the same thing as you are trying to, on OVS 321 as well.
          I read somewhere that you need to run the actual kernel on which you are trying to build the rpm for. Meaning, if you are trying to generate kernel rpms (headers, devel, etc.) for kernel X, then you have to run on kernel X.

          Install the required tools: rpm-build redhat-rpm-config make gcc m4 etc.
          and run rpmbuild --rebuild kernel-uek-2.6.39-300.22.2.el5uek.src.rpm

          You will need space on where you build this and for me it took several hours to build.

          When this is done, and every rpm are installed i had an issue that i had to work around, see my thread when you reach that point: OVM Server 3.2.1: Building the Kernel rpms

          hope this helps.
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            Considering you can get the exact same kernel, the source and tools with OL5.8, What I do to build modules/drivers is simply use the matching UEK kernel from Oracle Linux ; build the RPM and then install it on Oracle VM.

            It would be bad hacking though

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              Thanks JB. It works like a charm. I earlier doubt the same, but real pain was to get gcc,rpm utils without ULN access. I used oel5_latest repo to get gcc and other supported utils. Everything works as expected.

              Just for info to help others... Below are the list of package required.

              yum install gcc.x86_64 --skip-broken
              yum install make.x86_64 --skip-broken
              yum install rpm-build.x86_64--skip-broken
              yum install make.x86_64 --skip-broken
              yum install redhat-rpm-config --skip-broken
              yum install m4 --skip-broken
              yum install elfutils.x86_64 --skip-broken
              yum install gnupg --skip-broken

              Below are final RPMs generated using rpmbuild --rebuild <kernel-source>.rpm