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    cloning ASM disks question?

      I have a customer who has been running oracle two node rac on HPUX Itanium platform and using raw devices for the datafile locations. They use EMC clraion for the storage platfom.
      The customer uses EMC snapshot/cloning technology on the storage side to create a clone of the database luns for their staging database environment. This works well and they are able to simply snap the luns on the storage side and then simply mount them on another host and bring the database copy up an another host.
      Well, now that they are in the process of 11g upgrade and the fact that raw devices will no longer be supported going forward for the most part the cusomter would like to start to use ASM for the clustered file system for the RAC databases.
      I am trying to find out if there are any white papers or some documentation on how we could make clones when the disks are ASM disks? I know that EMC can snapshot the luns as they have in the past but not sure how we can get them mounted up in another ASM instance on a separate server?
      Just wanting to know if anyone has some experience on cloning ASM disk or disk groups between different hosts and maybe some supporting documentation to go along with it.