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    Select Check box for ADF table

    Mukesh S Patil
      Hi all,

      I want to add check box before every row. User will select the row by clicking the check box and will do processing by clicking a button.

      I have referred almost all possible threads on OTN .

      What i have done so far
      1] Added a Boolean transient attribute in my VO. Added as a selectBooleanCheckbox in .jspx page.
      2] A button with backing bean which will do the processing.[ It will pick up the one attribute from every row and will write to a file ]
      *3] This works very well if i use default option of selecting row by Ctel + A, or by pressing Ctrl + Click or by Shift + Arrow key. So backing bean is not the issue.*
      4] Try to intercept the TableSelection Listner also.

      Problem is

      When i select check box, only the last selected row is processed and not the all rows. How to make row selectable by clicking checkbox.

      I am using JDeveloper

      Links refered