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    Dynamic action not working for page zero item


      I have 2 dynamic action in page 22. which is opening a dialog page on the close function I am updating on of the item in page zero. on the second DA which is on the item select refresh the region. After the dialog close the region does not refresh. But if I change that item from zero page to page 22 then it works. how do I refresh the region by using zero page item. I don't want to create individual item in each page that is why I have created it on zero page.

      var horizontalPadding = 15;
      var verticalPadding = 15;
      $('<iframe id="modalDialog" src="' + link + '" />').dialog({
      title: "Create/Edit",
      autoOpen: true,
      width: 1100,
      height: 800,
      modal: true,
      show: { effect: 'drop', direction: "up" },
      closeOnEscape: false,
      close: function(event, ui) {apex.event.trigger('#P0_AFTER_MODAL','select',' '); $(this).remove();},
      overlay: {
      opacity: 0.5,
      background: "black"}
      }).width(1100 - horizontalPadding).height(800 - verticalPadding);
      return false;