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    Region does not refresh when jquery dialog window is closed

      Hi ,

      I have a IR report(PG 10) from where I am opening a Jquery Dialog window as "D1"(Pg 11). D1 I am calling another dialog window D2 (Pg 12) using the following code. than on the parent page 10 and 11 I have DA to refresh the regions when the dialog D1 /D2 is closed. this work when I close D1 and go to my IR page - 10. but when I close D2 which is called from D1 it does not refresh the region in D1.

      close: function(event, ui) {apex.event.trigger(ref_var,'select',''); $(this).remove();},

      function Open_dialog(link){
      /* prevent default behaviour on click */
      wWidth = window.innerWidth-30;
      wHeight = window.innerHeight-30;
      /* Trigger JQuery UI dialog */
      var horizontalPadding = 20;
      var verticalPadding = 50;
      var page_id;
      var ref_var;
      page_id = document.getElementById('pFlowStepId').value;
      ref_var = '#P'+page_id+'_AFTER_DIALOG';
      $('<iframe id="modalDialog" src="' + link + '" />').dialog({
      title: "xxxx",
      autoOpen: true,
      width: wWidth,
      height: wHeight,
      modal: true,
      show: { effect: 'slide',  speed: "slow" },
      hide: { effect: 'fade', speed: "slow"},
      closeOnEscape: false,
      close: function(event, ui) {apex.event.trigger(ref_var,'select',''); $(this).remove();},
      overlay: {
      opacity: 0.5,
      background: "black"}
      }).width(wWidth - horizontalPadding).height(wHeight - verticalPadding);
      return false;