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    Index of close button changes every time

      hi friends,
      Please help me out with the following problem:-

      I clicked on a transaction link in my banking web application.After recording that transaction screen, I clicked on the close button to record another transaction. The close button had the following path:-

      /web:window[@index='0' or @title='BANKGING WEBSITE']/web:document[@index='0' or @name='NAME']/web:div[@index='1105']

      while running the script, the close button was not getting clicked. When i tried to check and record the path of close button through Inspect path again i got the following path

      /web:window[@index='0' or @title='BANKGING WEBSITE']/web:document[@index='0' or @name='NAME']/web:div[@index='1160']

      What i found is that every time i get a new index value due to which the close button is not getting clicked. since there is no name of the button and only index value is there, so is there any other way to close the screen ? Please help