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    OBIEE 11g Maps

      Hello Experts,

      I am new to OBIEE 11g. We have the following requirement.
      A world map to be displayed, and on the world map we want to locate 10 to 12 locations of offices, these locations are to be displayed in the form of a big dot or image , which is itself an ACTION LINK, this action link navigates us to another Dashboard.

      Till now I have been using Navteq data set provided by oracle. For sake of POC i am using location like London, Sydney and SF as offices provided by default. I am able to display the dot which on hover shows "Latitude and Longitude" and "Revenue". And After clicking on Revenue figure (e.g. Revenue "8,000"), I get a drop down saying "yahoo" (I have checked on "Do not display in a popup if only one action link is available at run-time") , which on click navigates me to yahoo webpage.

      Now, I am stuck at this point, I dont want any labels or hovers or drop-downs, I just want to directly Navigate to another page or report when I click on the big DOT or image on the world map.

      Thanks a lot For any solutions on this in advance.


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