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CohQL string comparison issue

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OS: Win7, 64-bit.
Coherence: (windows-x86-vs2005) x86 Release

We have a simple cache where key and value objects have a currency, just a simple Java String.

private String currency;

All keys should have the same currency as their corresponding value.

Once we've populated our cache (both key and value currencies are written with writeString) we run some CohQL queries to analyze the data...

SELECT DISTINCT key().currency FROM Foo;


SELECT DISTINCT value().currency FROM Foo;


...which is fine.

If we run the query below we expect ZERO results as key currencies should always match value currencies...

select key().currency, value().currency from Foo where key().currency != value().currency;

...however it returns ALL the data in the cache, showing IDENTICAL key and value currencies.

"EUR", "EUR"
"USD", "USD"
"EUR", "EUR"
"USD", "USD"
"USD", "USD"
"EUR", "EUR"
"USD", "USD"
"EUR", "EUR"

This doesn't make sense. We've tried all combinations of IS, IS NOT etc always with the same result.

These queries on the same data return the same counts (which we expect).

SELECT COUNT() FROM Foo WHERE value().currency = "USD"
SELECT COUNT() FROM Foo WHERE key().currency = "USD"

Selecting * from the cache shows that the currencies are correct.

Any ideas what's going on? Any ideas how to diagnose this further? We're very confused. Perhaps we're misunderstanding query fundementals...

Thanks in advance.

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