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    How to customiza OM workflow to add Order Ship Notification


      I have a requirement to modify an OM workflow process to send a notification to the customer when their order has shipped.

      I looked at the OM user guide and saw that the workflow I need to modify is the Order Flow - Generic. And also saw that the there is a Shipping Notifications WF that we can use to hookup to the OM workflows.

      The Order Flow-Generic WF only has processes at order header close. Should I add the notification here?

      The other method would be to attach the WSHNOTIF (Shipping Notifications WF) to the Order line workflow (instead of the Order Flow -Generic). But the problem here is the notification will fire for every line. I think I can place a function and only send the notification when all lines have closed/shipped.

      What would be the best approach and how do I accomplish this? Anyone used the WSHNOTIF wf to an OM process?

      Thanks in advance,