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    How to display SDO_GEOMETRY on oracle map

      Hi All,

      I am new to Oracle Mapviewer . For my application that uses oracle maps i refer to http://elocation.oracle.com/mapviewer to get the base map. My requirement here is to capture the area of interest from the end user, which i am doing using the redlining tool. The SDO_geometry information from the redlining tool is stored in the db.

      In one use case i want to display the existing area's of interest on the map, how can i achieve this ? can any body help me on this ?

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          Marcelo Vasquez
          Hi Naveen.

          You can use Oracle ADF for integrate Oracle MapViewer and Geospatial data in DB and ADF had tools for selection elements in maps

          You can see this post: https://blogs.oracle.com/shay/entry/working_with_the_adf_dvt

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            Presumably you're using the javascript API (Oracle Maps). If not then the following does not address your question.

            Since the stored redline info is in the db already you just need a predefined theme defined on it.
            Then add that theme (MVThemeBasedFOI) to the map.

            The Oracle Maps tutorial has examples of this. The "Theme Based FOI" layer example which displays the customers theme.
            In your case it'll be a redlines theme which display areas/polygons instead of points.