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    Solaris 10 u11 upgrade question with MPxIO

      I currently have a number of Solaris 10 Update 4 servers installed that need to be upgraded to the latest version of Solaris 10 Update 11. The server’s current root disk configuration is UFS boot from SAN utilizing a Storage Tek 2540, where the root drives are mirrored and presented to the host utilizing MPxIO. All of my other servers I am able to split the mirrors and utilize Live Upgrade.

      The only way I can think of upgrading the servers attached to the 2540’s is by utilizing a boot from CDROM upgrade method. With the boot from CD method on upgrading, I will need to remove the MPxIO. I was not a part of the original installation or configuration with these boxes, so removing the MPxIO makes me a bit nervous, never been down that road before. And I am not sure of any other options available to me.

      Looking for any thoughts or advice, thanks!