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    Possible ASM corruption or Misreporting Issue ?

      Hi Folks,

      I am getting some conflicting information when I query the v$asm_disk view. The header status for all 114 disks should be "Member". But ,with the exception of three disks, all other disks appear as "Candidates"?

      There are no errors in either the RDBMS or the ASM alert logs.

      The database is working fine for the time being.

      Has anybody experienced this discrepancy? Is it a case of disk header corruption? or simple misreporting? And more importantly, how can I fix the problem?

      The details are as follows

      O/S: AIX
      select DISK_NUMBER,HEADER_STATUS,substr(PATH,1,20),label 
      from v$asm_disk;
               17 CANDIDATE    /dev/rhdisk10
               18 CANDIDATE    /dev/rhdisk100
               19 CANDIDATE    /dev/rhdisk101
               20 CANDIDATE    /dev/rhdisk102
               21 CANDIDATE    /dev/rhdisk103
               22 CANDIDATE    /dev/rhdisk104
               23 CANDIDATE    /dev/rhdisk105
               24 CANDIDATE    /dev/rhdisk106
              112 MEMBER       /dev/rhdisk147
              113 MEMBER       /dev/rhdisk148
              114 MEMBER       /dev/rhdisk149
      Thanks in advance