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    Is it possible to replicate EPM on Server1 to server2 to act as Server1?

      This is as complicated as it gets for me and I really need all you experts help on this. We have 'just' the essbase server installed on a Linux RHEL 5 box. All other EPM software(Foundation Services, R&A) is on Windows 2008. So Our Linux OS group applied a glibc 2.5-107 patch on our dev Linux server. Since then we have not been able to load data to the essbase cubes and Oracle acknowledged that upgrading to glibc 2.5-107 on RHEL 5 will cause issues in this support Doc *"Essbase Dataloads and Calculations Hang or Spike CPU to 100% after Applying Linux Operating System Package (glibc-2.5-107) [ID 1531236.1]".* So as the only solutions given were to downgrade the glibc version or to upgrade to a newer EPM version we asked the OS group if glibc could be downgraded. Obviously they felt it would be very complicated and cannot be done(just like I feel about my tasks). We are planning to upgrade to a newer EPM version but that is not going to happen until the second quarter.

      My question is now that the dev server is handicapped in certain aspects our management came up with the idea that a new server would be built with software replicating(with the correct glibc version) the one on the handicapped Dev. And once that is in place we have to migrate applications to the new server. Is this posible at all? If not what is the way forward. Will it be easier to be given a fresh new server and then install the essbase server again and then configure it with the same schema used on the handicapped one. My management does not want to have to reinstall the product. I really have no idea on the way forward and would appreciate any help. If they do not give me a fresh new server and instead give me a server replicating the handicapped dev server will the new server have to be re-configured again. Please suggest how we can move forward on this.

      Thanks for taking the time to read.
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