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    DPE mode, state DBFW PROXY, AVDF 12c. not me working

      I need to set the mode DBFW DPE DBFW using as proxy interface, and for this reason I made the following settings:

      • IP, eth0,
      • OS, Oracle Linux Server release 6.3 (x86_64)
      • Oracle Database 11g Release - 64bit Production

      Audit Vault Server
      • IP, eth0, (management interface)
      • SO, Enterprise Linux Server release 5.8 (x86_64)
      • Audit Vault Server

      Database Firewall
      • IP,
      - eth0, (management interface)
      - eth1, (proxy interface / activated, port 7770/activated)
      - eth2 (Traffic source interface, I know it's optional)
      • SO, Enterprise Linux Server release 5.8 (x86_64)
      • Firewall Database

      The followed steps are:
      Step 1, AV Server Registration Certificate in DBFW
      Step 2, DBFW registered on AV Server
      Step 3, secured target Registration (forcing me to enter: name, location and secure target type):
      • secured target name: DS_X
      • secured target location: jdbc:oracle:thin:@//
      • secured target type: ORACLE DATABASE
      • Username / Password (blank, not use SPA)
      • Added secured target addresses:
      - IP,
      - Port, 7770
      - Service, DBBI
      Obs: In the manual "e27776 Administrator's Guide" (page 6-3) Item 10 of "Registering Secured Targets in the Audit Vault Server" mentions "Maximum Threads field Enforcement Point" which is not on the registration website.

      Step 4, Configuring Enforcement Points:
      • Secured target: DS_X
      • Monitoring Mode: Database Policy Enforcement (DPE)
      • Traffic Sources: Proxy/7770

      Step 5, a client connect with TOAD to IP port 7770, and does not connect. But if you connect to port 1521 the connection is successful.

      Please, help me, I’m missing something? what I'm doing wrong?