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    Converting SQL SERVER procedure PL/SQL

      Hello All,

      I want to translate SQL SERVER procedure using SQL*DEVELOPER to Oracle PL/SQL language.

      I go in the Tools/Migration/Migration Scratch Editor.

      I get two windows panes.
      On the left, I copy/pasted my SQL Server procedure code
      I Clicked on the third button at top of the first pane to select in the list 'Microsoft SQL SERVER T-SQL to PL/SQL'
      Then clicked on the second button of the pane to translate.

      I was expecting to see the translation in the second window pane but I cannot see anything in here.

      Am I missing something or doing something incorrect, please advise.

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          Can you try a very simple procedure as a sanity test? I'm wondering if something with your particular function is something we don't like...you could also try running in debug mode or from the console to attempt to catch any error messages that might help.

          If possible, share your code so we can reproduce locally. You can email it to me if you'd like at jeff.d.smith@oracle.com