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    XmlViewService.executeXmlQuery() does not respect maxRowsPerPage

      XmlViewService.executeXmlQuery() does not respect XMLQueryExecutionOptions.maxRowsPerPage. I tried 10, 20, but it always returned 500 rows. Is this a bug?
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          I understand you were using XmlViewService.executeXmlQuery() . I am using the same feature, but it always returns 0 rows, even the analysis returns 30 rows when executing on OBIEE.

          Could you please suggest a solution. Below is the code i have. I have even tried with maxRowsPerPage, but didn't make any difference.

          I am using OBIEE

          XmlViewServiceSoap xmlViewServiceSoap = xmlViewService.getXmlViewServiceSoap();
          ReportRef rRef = new ReportRef();

          ReportParams rParams = new ReportParams();
          XMLQueryExecutionOptions xqeo = new XMLQueryExecutionOptions();

          QueryResults qr = xmlViewServiceSoap.executeXMLQuery(rRef, XMLQueryOutputFormat.SAW_ROWSET_SCHEMA_AND_DATA, xqeo, rParams, sessionID);

          String result = qr.getRowset();

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