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    Dynamic List size problem

      Hi friends,

      I implemented a hierarchical Organization dynamic list, so the list will vary according to the user who logs in, but since in my dynamic list some of the organization name seems to be big and that organization name seems to be cutted in the list as half of those org names are only visible.

      I have portrayed my example in apex.oracle.com


      Under the application name Dynamic List with number 28634. Soon after u logged into the application u can see the name "Governor" if u press that pull down means u will be getting seven departments and in that if u go with the dept "Supervision" u will have 3 sub depts like

      <li>information system coordination and supervison unit
      <li>offsite supervision
      <li>Onsite supervision

      But my above dept name "information system coordination and supervison unit" is getting cutted to "information system coordination a".

      How i can get the full name of the organization without those cuttings in the dynamic list.

      Hope You understand my question.