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    Data Filter

    Robert Angel

      I have a star schema that on the physical layer is snowflaked.

      I am putting row level security via data filter on one of the flakes.

      I desire the content of the fact table to be filtered as a result.

      But the effect that I see is that when the dim is not included in the query the data filter does not apply.

      Given that;

      Fact - Dim1 - Dim2 (which is modelled out in the business layer to Fact - Dim1)

      And the only place that the field exists that I am data filtering on is in Dim2 (physical), Dim1 (logical) how can I get my filter to apply to a query solely against the Fact table, or when the combination of Fact and Dim does not include my Dim1 table?

      Do I need to put the field in question in the Logical Fact table - and apply the data filter in the business layer - would the inclusion of this field at this point have any other side effects?

      thanks for your input,