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    Start multiple domains simultaneously on 1 Weblogic server installation?

      Is it okay to start and run multiple domains simultaneously. Better yet, when having multiple domains on 1 WLS server, should each domain have a different port number in order to be run simultaneously?

      Here's my scenario - I installed Oracle Business Intellgence, which by default installs and configures WLS server for certain Business Intelligence applications (BI Publisher). This instance was running fine and good and still is.

      Then I had another application, Oracle Data Integrator, which has a Console piece that requires a domain on WLS. So instead of modifying the existing domain for Oracle Business Intelligence, I created a new domain via the Configuration Wizard and selected those components for Oracle Data Integrator.

      therefore current domains:

      ...\domains\bifoundation_domain --> installed automatically as part of Oracle Business Intelligence
      ...\domains\odi11g --> I created this domain after I

      Now I have 2 domains under 1 WLS Server (windows 7 64bit), but if I startWeblogic.cmd for the bifoundation_domain, and I startWeblogic.cmd for the odi11g...then only the components for the bifoundation_domain become available via the WLS Console.

      - Can I run both domains simultaneously?
      - Should I have modified the bifoundation_domain to include Oracle Data Integrator component; therefore only having 1 domain but having everything run under that domain?
      - Does the Port for each domain matter? both bifounddation_domain and odi11g domain use ports 7001

      Are there any other considerations? Thanks much.
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          It is perfectly OK to run multiple domains on a single Weblogic server installation. Only constraint would be you have enough capacity available on your server to start multiple instances.

          Things to note is, if your domain1 is running on listen address : port { localhost : 7001 } then your other domain should be configured on a different port say {localhost : 8001 }. If you want both domain to run on same port then go for virtual IP's to be plumbed on your physical network interface and configure as,

          domain1 - { ip1 : 7001 }
          domain2 - { ip2 : 7001 }

          this way you will can access both domain admin console on same port.

          Remember, Weblogic resources cannot be shared between domain, however a single nodemanager will be enough to monitor both the domains.

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