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    Issue with Active Directory User Target Recon

    Puneet Lobana
      Hi ,
      I am facing an issue with Active Directory User Target Recon
      My environment is OIM 11g R2 with BP03 patch applied
      AD Connector is activedirectory- with bundle patch 14190610 applied

      In my Target there are around 28000 users out of which 14000 have AD account (includes Provisioned,Revoked,Disabled accounts)
      When i am running Active Directory User Target Recon i am not putting any filter cleared the batch start and batch size parameters and ran the recon job .Job ran successfully but it stopped after processing around 3000 users only.

      Retried the job two three times but every time it is stopping after processing some users but not processing all the users.
      Checked the log file oimdiagnostic logs and Connector server logs cannot see any errors in it.

      Checked the user profile of users processed can see AD account provisioned for users

      My query is why this job is not processing allthe users.Please point if i am missing some thing .

      thanks in advance