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    OIM11gR1 ( and LdapSync failover

      Hello All,

      I have one OIM 11gR1 and two OIDs:


      OIM uses LdapSync to synchronize users with OID1.
      OID1 uses LDAP Replication feature to synchronize OID2.

      I want the OIM LdapSync to failover to OID2 in case OID1 becomes unavailable.

      What are my choices?
      a) Can I manually reconfigure LdapSync to point to OID2 (where do I modify this? can you give me a link a doc?)
      b) Can LdapSync be configured with OID1 and OID2 and it will failover automatically? (how do I set this up? can you give me a link a doc?)
      c) If I want automatic failover is a load balance appliance required?

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          I've found this:

          When you enable LDAPSync to communicate directly with external Directory Servers such as Oracle Internet Directory, ODSEE, and Microsoft Active Directory, support for high availability/failover features requires that you >configure the Identity Virtualization Library (libOVD).

          To configure libOVD, use the WLST command addLDAPHost. To manage libOVD, see Managing Identity Virtualization Library (libOVD) Adapters in the guide Oracle Fusion Middleware Administrator's Guide for Oracle Identity >Manager for a list of WLST commands.
          But I couldn't find anywhere a statement saying the LdapSync setup will automatically failover.

          Have anyone done that before?