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    Partner Links sometimes in left swim-lane sometimes in right swim-lane

    Stuart Fleming
      Hello, I am using jdeveloper 11.1.6 (or about) and am working with SOA.

      I have noticed that the partner links inside the BPEL show up on different swim-lanes, sometimes the right side, and other times the left side, and there seems no rhyme or reason for it. Visually I prefer that it is on the right side since it "feels" like it is reaching out for data....and away from the original calling client.

      I am working with a DBadapter, and later wrote the output to a file.
      I create the DB adapter in the composite.xml file, and then drap a BPEL onto the composite. In the composite.xml, I draw the lines to it, and then open the BPEL to work on the assign and invokes. The partner link was on the right side. Fine.

      Then after creating the assign and invoke, I went out to the composite and dragged a file-adapter on the composite, created it, then dragged the lines from the BPEL to the file adapter. Open the BPEL and the partnerlink is on the left.

      I know it is possible to drag a partner-link onto the BPEL (from inside it), but that is cumbersome when the partnerlink is so easily created with the initial drag on the composite.

      Is there a reason for this? The functionality seems to be OK, but visually, it just seems better to have these partner links on the right side.

      Thank you,