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    App Engine behaving weird


      I am using virtual box configuration for this that Jim M put together.

      I have everything installed and am trying to practice somethings. The first first thing is App Engine. So I created some new fields and the a table to update so I would not affect any of the PS tables. Then I created a simple App Engine program that just updates a field on the table using the SQL action with continue if no rows. I ran the program it finished ok but no update. I changed it to abort if no rows and it aborted. So I took the same code and ran through sql developer and there was an update.

      So what I did then was changed the table to one that PS delivered and that was updated.

      I am signed on in 2-tier to the data base I don't think I need to sign on the app server do I?

      I am signing on as PS.

      What could be happening?

      If anyone could help I'll appreciate it.