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    ShowDetailHeader Collpase/Refresh Issue

    Vineet Singh-Oracle

      I am using JDeveloper

      I am using ShowDetailHeader to show some information like Employee Detail in a form.
      I want my ShowDetailHeader to collapse when employee is manager, otherwise it should show all info. I am using "disclosed" property to set value.

      Problem is it is collapsing for first time, but it doesn't do same if i open showDetailHeader and then open another employee/manager details.

      For Example, I have 2 employees 1 and 2 in a table, who are managers. So i click on Employee 1 and it opens page with ShowDetailHeader collapsed. So i opened that ShowDeatailHeader to see information and didn't close it.

      Now i come back to my table in same session and clicked on employee 2. It opens page, but this time ShowDetailHeader is not collapsed because earlier i opened it up. It is retaining its previous state.

      Problem is, when page loads second time, Property of af:ShowDetailHeader does not get refreshed.

      How can i make sure that everytime i open manager, that ShowDetailHeader is collapsed Or how to refresh property?

      Thank You.
      Vineet Singh