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    Netra T2000 two node cluster setup failure

      I have two servers available Netra T2000 (node1, node2). Each of the servers connected Sunstoradge JBOD 3320, separate scsi controller. On the server was installed Solaris 11.1 and Solaris cluster 4.1. The installation was successful. Then launched scinstall, the same is completed. But boot node2 finished:

      panic[cpu4]/thread=2a10131bc60: Reservation Conflict
      Disk: /pci@780/pci@0/pci@8/pci@0/scsi@1,1/sd@0,0
      000002a101362d80 sd:sd_panic_for_res_conflict+2c (40328dd6700, 0, 4032675f400, 4032f38ee80, 7bee3400, 40325dbae00)

      If you delete the reservation keys - /usr/cluster/lib/sc/scsi -c scrub -d /dev/did/rdsk/dids2, then boot and join to cluster is successful. But when you next reboot all over again.
      If you set Solaris 10 and Solaris cluster 3.3 then it all ends well.
      What are the features to install Solaris 11.1 and Cluster 4.1 on Netra T2000 with Sunstoradge JBOD 3320 ?

      I would be grateful for your response. thanks