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    What is OBIEE?

      Hi, I have a background in using Hyperion products, from Essbase to Planning to Shared Services, etc...

      I'm trying to learn about OBIEE and started googling and did not find the exact answers I was looking for.

      What exactly is OBIEE? How is it different than OBIEE Plus?

      How does it correlate to Hyperion? Is OBIEE = Hyperion?

      What type of companies use OBIEE? What do they use it for?

      Thanks for reading.
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          Ahsan Shah
          You should get most of these answers online if you google them. However...just to recap in a simple way:

          OBIEE is Oracle BI Enterprise Edition, their flagship BI product that competes with other tools like Cognos, Business Objects.
          OBIEE Plus, OBIEE FOundations Suite..is usually a fancy name for a "Package" of things like OBIEE + Essbase, etc...
          Hyperion/EPM is a separate product set but as of OBIEE 11g, Essbase Cubes are better integrated with OBIEE as a reporting platform.

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