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    checkbox valueChangeListener value

      Hi guys,
      I have a situation in which I have to render some components based on value of two checkboxes.I have called a function on value change of both checkbox using valuechangelistener.But the thing is that at a time I could get hold of value of only one checkbox.How can I get hold of both the checkboxes at the same time in my function.
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          can you try by getting hold of other checkbox either having a binding to backing bean or traversing the tree to get hold of second check box.

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            In the valueChangeListener, you will get the value of the checkbox for which the value is called. You need to separately refer the value of second checkbox. Now accessing the value depends on how you have binded your checkbox -

            a) if your value is binded to bean variable, refer to that variable value.
            b) if it is binded to some VO attribute, refer to attributeBinding value using ADFUtil.getAttributeBinding("attrBindingName") --- Standard method to access attributeBinding value using bindings in ADF.

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              Vineet Singh-Oracle

              Can you please elaborate more on use case?

              If your checkbox value is coming from same VO, i am not sure why you want to have access to both at same time, but you can always set some count on number of checkboxes selected, by putting count in some viewScope or PageFlowScope, whatever you would like to use.
              Or just do setAttribute and check for checked ones.

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                try using js like,

                add clientListener to both check boxes...

                <af:clientListener type="valueChange"

                <af:resource type="javascript">
                function renderComponent(event) {
                var source = event.getSource();
                if (source.getValue() == true) {
                var allVars = new Array("sbc1", "sbc2");
                for (i = 0; i &lt; allVars.length; i++) {
                var cb = source.findComponent(allVars);
                if (cb.getId() != source.getId()) {
                //do something.....
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                  Hi Sarfraz,

                  Please use same valuechangelistener for both checkbox components.
                  It is already working for me and hope It will work for you.
                  af:selectBooleanCheckbox text="selectBooleanCheckbox 1" label="Label 1" id="sbc1"
                  valueChangeListener="#{test.chkchangeltsen}" autoSubmit="true"/>
                  <af:selectBooleanCheckbox text="selectBooleanCheckbox 2" label="Label 2" id="sbc2" valueChangeListener="#{test.chkchangeltsen}"


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                    Thanku all guys..but I tried a much easier solution rather than javascript and bindings..I have made my variables static in the bean and individually getting the values for both the checkboxes...